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  1. Appointments 

    1. What are the differences between drop-ins and appointments?
    2. How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor? (Student)
    3. How do I cancel an advising appointment?
    4. How do I reschedule an appointment?
    5. I’m not on campus this term; can I meet with a career advisor?
  2. Cover Letters & Resumes 

    1. How do I write a resume?
    2. How do I write a cover letter?
    3. Can I use the same cover letter over and over again?
    4. Does high school belong on my resume?
  3. DartBoard 

    1. What is DartBoard?
    2. How do I set up an account in DartBoard?
    3. Why should I create an account in DartBoard?
  4. General Information 

    1. How can I find out about CPD workshops and programs?
    2. I’d like to sign up for a CPD workshop or program but I’ve missed the RSVP deadline. What can I do?
  5. Job & Internship Search 

    1. How do I contact alumni to find internships?
    2. How do I find an internship?
    3. Does Dartmouth provide funding for students who are awarded unpaid internships?
    4. My internship provider said my offer is contingent on me receiving academic credit. What do I need to do?
    5. I’m interested in a particular company or organization but they don’t have any internships advertised. What should I do?
  6. Recruiting 

    1. What is recruiting?
    2. Can off-campus students participate in recruiting?
    3. It’s been three (3) weeks since the resume drop deadline, but I haven’t heard back from a resume drop employer. What do I do?
    4. How do I find out who is participating in the recruiting program during fall, winter, spring, or summer term?
    5. What are the recruiting program deadlines?
  7. All articles 

    1. How to Apply for Internships
    2. How We Work
    3. Hours & Location
    4. How do I contact alumni to find internships?
    5. How do I write a resume?
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