It’s been three (3) weeks since the resume drop deadline, but I haven’t heard back from a resume drop employer. What do I do?

All of  the employers participating in our recruiting program are instructed to make their resume drop selections in our DartRecruit system within three weeks. Once they have made their selections, DartBoard will send you an automated email informing you of your interview status. Do not rely on receiving these automated emails as they sometimes end up in Spam folders. Therefore, make sure to check the "My Activity" tab on DartRecruit to see your status. For information on how to do this, see this tutorial:

Interview Notification Process

On some occasions, employers will not be able to make their selections on time. This does not mean they have stopped considering your application for candidacy. The CPD team regularly communicates with employers to ensure that selections are being made on time. You should be hear back shortly.

If you have other offers that expire soon,  please contact the CPD at

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