Can I apply to multiple jobs or internships in one firm?

Oftentimes, you will discover an organization or company with numerous jobs that appeal to you. However, applying to many of that employer's job listings might send the wrong signal. How do you decide how many to apply to?

Consider your reasons for applying to multiple opportunities in one firm.  

Applying to drastically different opportunities, with different skill requirements, can show a lack of focus. For example, if you have applied to the Marketing Coordinator and Software Engineer positions at the same company, employers may see you as being uncertain of your career path. 

However, if the positions are similar - or require the same skills - then it is easier for the employer to understand why you are applying to multiple opportunities. For example, there may be similarities between responsibilities for an Account Manager and a Customer Success Liaison or a Marketing Assistant and a Social Media Manager.

Either way, you should be prepared to explain why you applied for more than one position, and to explain how your skills and experience relate to each position. You can include this explanation in a cover letter and in an interview. 

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