What should I do to prepare for an interview?


  • All first round interviews through the Recruiting Program are located at the Center for Professional Development office (63 South Main St., 2nd Floor)
  • Arrive 10 minutes early!
  • Dress in formal business attire unless otherwise instructed.
  • Bring two clean copies of your resume, paper, pen, calculator, copy of your calendar, student ID card.
  • Ask for business cards.
  • At the end of the interview, you can ask what next steps will be and when you can expect to hear back from the employer.


  • Review interviewing resources on the CPD website.
  • Attend CPD workshops on interviews and case interviewing. Employers often host "Crack the Case" workshops, see the Events calendar on DartBoard for dates or similar program offerings. 
  • Practice your interview skills through mock interviews. Set up an appointment with one of our Advisors or practice with a friend.
  • Review the internship or job description and employer website so that you can demonstrate that you have done your homework on the organization and have a strong understanding of the opportunity.

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